WWW is a low-resolution clone of the indie game VVVVVV.

It's an open-source 2D HTML5 platformer, made with melonJS and created for the 2014 Low Resolution GameJam (#lowrezjam 2014).


Viridian, captain of the D.S.S. SoulEye, is having a nice day when suddenly the ship's navigational systems goes astray. He and his crew mates are violently thrown into a huge dimensional vortex and everything fades to black.

When he awakes, everything around him seems strange. It's as if the world around him and himself became blurred, square-ish and kinda... pixelated.

That's when he finds himself on a very familiar situation...


The game mechanic is the same as VVVVVV: you can walk around but cannot jump. Instead, you can flip gravity and fall upward to the ceiling (or downward to the floor if you're already on the ceiling).

When you die (either by touching spikes or enemies), you go back to a nearby checkpoint.


key action
Arrow Keys, WASD Move
Space, z, x Action
Enter, ESC Pause
Shift Walk slowly